Are we lonely in the Universe? Are there reasonable lifeforms on the planet Earth?
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Mikhail Atom a music writer of contemporary high tech music,

"I don't accept
any limitations, my credo is freedom of search. How to control powerful
energies, elements of nature for the sake of peace? The level of culture
determines the kind of relationship of Person and Primordial
Forces. I am discovering them letting them out like genii, communing with
them. Well, maybe, I am not very explicit, music is my language. I just
AstroEpos , listen, you will understand."

Have you ever pondered on F.Nietzsche's phrase "you must have chaos inside
to give birth to a dancing star"? Chaos and order. Aggressive fear of the unknown
aspires to eliminate chaos, to squeeze everything into canons, but chaos is
inextinguishable. There are always people capable to interrelate with it.
Am I inclined to introspection? Is the amount of chaos within myself
sufficient to understand this Dancing Star? Off we go! Next moment
I am plunged into an ecstatic catastrophic soundfall, travelling through
Peeling Wonderland, layer after layer deeper and deeper into myself.
Painful to put off the mask. Without any social clothing?
Catharsis... Is that ME? Nude, miserable, ambitious, trembling,
proud, anguished. Now I feel polyphony of multi-centural culture in latent
state within my fighting, doubting and puzzled self. Piercing, dazzling
revelation - I am an atom, a seed in a vivifying stream, sprouts of
primordial life, widening horizon of the soul space, tidal natural forces
are pearly modulating against a low and warm intrauterine background. I am
pierced with aspiration to ideal knowledge, my soul expands merging with
space and infinity. Entering Primeval Harmony. Shattered and peaceful on
the shore.

Vera Timofeevna Samarina

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